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Hello Octopress!

New year, new hosting stack! This blog is now brought to you by Octopress, hosted on Amazon S3, instead of Blogger.

After spending some quality time with the tools I used in the move from Blogger (Octopress, S3, Route 53, git), I feel like the proverbial new pair of glasses has descended and shown me a new world.

they life gif

So what are the benefits of Octopress? To list just a few:

  • Solarized syntax highlighting built in. This was all I had to hear to get really interested.
  • Easy editing of posts in the editor of your choice, using markdown, instead of wrestling the blogger tools.
  • Cheap! For my minimal custom domain hosting needs, S3/Route 53 costs should be super low.
  • Applying third-party themes is super easy, should you get the urge to check out alternatives.
  • Storing everything in a git repo is painless, so no worries when playing around with new themes, or making other significant edits. In blogger-land this didn't feel anywhere near as easy.

To sum up, maintaining this blog just became a lot more enjoyable.

Some helpful Octopress references were: